SVALE Technology Ltd. Company Introduction

SVALE Technology Kft. is a Hungarian telecommunications development and service company, which provides its customers with the telecommunications measurement networks, compact RF spectrum monitoring stations and systems, as well as the provision of related services – such as repair, calibration and engineering services.

Our company represents well-known brands in Hungary, including Will-Burt antenna mast systems.

As a result of our development activities in the past period, we also managed to build our own product portfolio, which can be a solution for users of radio monitoring hardware, digital signal processing, large-volume IQ and spectrum image analysis software, and EMF measuring sets.

We carry out our activities with the support of our engineering and IT team, including tasks arising during development, technical and software support.

One of our company’s most important customers is the National Media and Infocommunications Authority.

All of the above activities of our company are carried out in order for our customers to get lifelong engineering services and high-quality metrology solutions according to their needs.